Weaving for the Community - Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer is a local tradition in Nevada County.  This year the Not 2 Square Weavers will be adding to holiday gifts for home bound seniors with hand woven and hand knit items.  The Not 2 Square Weavers have been weaving and making lap robes and other items to share with seniors in our county for several years.  Over that time we have researched recommended sizes and techniques, other than weaving that we want to share.  One of the recommendations is not to have a fringe on your lap robe if it will be used by someone in a wheelchair (might get caught in the wheels).  Also, the robe should be machine washable.  Colors can be almost anything.  Sizes range from 24" x 35" to 35" x 44".

Lap Robe for People in Wheel Chairs  This pattern could be adapted for use with handwoven cloth.
Best of Handwoven:  Top Ten Blankets and Throws on Four Shafts

Easy Knit Lap Blanket

Knit Mitered Square Lap Throw  by Not 2 Square member, Dee Jones

Knit Checkerboard Lap Robe by Not 2 Square member, Eileen Lee

Here are some of the lap robes we have made over the past few years for Holiday Cheer.
Gus Young's lap robe for wheel chair user
Igor Raven's large lap robe with inkle band hem
Ingrid Knox's plaid throw

Jackie Hervey's two block twill throw

Dee Jones' combination handwoven and commercial fabric lap quilt

Diana Abrell's handwoven block quilt (collaboration with a quilter friend)