Friday, October 21, 2022

Wrapping up the County Fair 2022

 Two more Not 2 Square members participated in the County Fair this year.  Diana was able to use one warp and create two projects - a shawl and a pillow.  For these projects, she used an inlay technique to create motifs on the cloth surface.

Diana's Shawl
Diana's Pillow

Diana also entered three towels.

Diana's Towel

Diana's Towel

Diana's Towel


Ingrid entered two towels as well.

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Towel






She also entered three scarves and two shawls.

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Scarf


Ingrid's Shawl

Ingrid's Shawl




Ingrid also submitted a set of pot holders - woven using a doubleweave technique and a rag rug woven using t-shirts.

Ingrid Hot Pads

Ingrid's Rug

Another year of fabulous entries from the group.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Textiles at the Fair

Eileen submitted a number of pieces this summer, including several scarves.  The award winner was a variation of overshot.  She used indigo dyed hand spun yarn for the blue and white scarf .  A third scarf was woven with tencel.

Eileen's Indigo Dyed Scarf
Eileen's Scarf

Eileen's Tencel Scarf

She entered a shawl.

Eileen's Shawl

She also submitted household items - a huck towel and overshot table runner.  

Eileen's Towel
Eileen's Table Runner

A bag and yardage round out Eileen's entries.

Eileen's Bag

Eileen's Yardage

Betsy entered two rag rugs. 

Betsy's Rag Rug

Betsy's Rag Rug

She also entered a hand towel woven with twill blocks.
Betsy's Towel

Betsy also entered a doubleweave table cover and a bag.

Betsy's Handwoven Bag
Betsy's Table Cover

There's lots of talent in the group.

Monday, August 29, 2022

More Weaving at the County Fair

 More Not 2 Square Weavers displayed their woven pieces at the Fair this month.  

Mardi entered several items starting with a beautiful baby blanket, using a gradient color scheme.

Mardi's Baby Blanket

She entered two sets of napkins - one also with a gradient color scheme.

Mardi's Napkins
Mardi's Napkins

This turned twill scarf on the left was woven with a cotton warp and a silk weft.  The pink scarf was woven with linen.

Mardi's Turned Twill Scarf

Mardi's Linen Scarf


Mardi also entered two tea towels.

Mardi's Towel

Mardi's Towel

Karen entered a rug that she wove using shaft switching technique.

Karen's Rug

Jeanne entered a poncho that was woven using Robin Lynde's V-Shawl technique.  It's a doubleweave shawl with a V-shaped back.  

Jeanne's Poncho

She entered two sets of placemats.

Jeanne's Placemats

Jeanne's Placemats

Jeanne also entered a towel.

Jeanne's Towel

Jeanne's final entry was a Ganges Linen Scarf

Jeanne's scarf

There are more entries that will be posted soon.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Weaving at the County Fair

 With things looking a bit more like normal, the Not 2 Square weavers have been showing off their woven projects at the local county fair.  Here are the entries for some of our members.

SueV entered three scarves and a hand towel.  The brighter, striped scarf used hand spun yarn that Sue had spun several years ago.  

Sue V's Scarf

Sue V's Scarf

Sue V's Scarf with Handspun Yarn

Sue V's Towel

SueR entered two pieces.  One was a table runner woven from warp left over from a demonstration at the 2019 fair.  The other is a loom bench pad.  It is rep weave that include some pick up.  Sue R used fabric scraps for the weft.

Sue R's Table Runner
Sue R's Loom Bench Pad

Mary entered two project woven using the split shed technique and a plaited twill towel.

Mary's Morse Code Wall Hanging

Mary's Quail Wall Hanging 

Mary's Plaited Twill Towel

There are more entries that will be in later posts.  Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Diana's Inlay Shawl Project

Diana has been working for the past 3 months on a project inspired by Nancy Peterson in Handwoven, Sept./Oct., 2021. It is a plain weave shawl in stripes of random widths and colors, 24” in the reed. What makes it more than just a plain weave shawl is, again, the randomly placed inlay patterns upon the stripes. The pattern for the inlays Diana chose is from Davison, p. 131, Johann Schleelein’s #123, which creates interlocked circles. The pattern structure is 26 ends, so all stripes in the shawl are multiples of 26. Some stripes are 26 ends wide, some 52, some 78, and one is 104. It takes 20 pics (alternated by tabby) to complete the pattern, so her pattern inlays vary from 2 to 4 times in length.

The warp is 8/2 tencel in three different pastel colors and 8/2 rayon in two other colors set at 24 epi. The background weft is 16/2 bamboo in coquille, and the pattern weft is Malabrigo Mora silk in two different colors, lettuce and teal feather.

Inlay pattern shawl with shuttle showing the small shuttle to pick up and weave in pattern upon a stripe

Inlay pattern shawl off the loom. The ends are hemstitched and the fringe will be twisted (soon).


There is quite a bit of handwork to do which is finger weaving in the loose ends of the pattern weft on the back.

This is the reverse side of the shawl with pattern yarn ends not finger woven in yet.