Friday, October 21, 2016

Three End Block Rug and a Rag Rug on the Loom

Wendy-Marie took a class from Jason Collingwood at CNCH in 2015.  He introduced her to the three end block weave.  Block one is threaded 1-3-2 and block two is 1-4-2.  Recently, Wendy-Marie took what she learned in the class and created a wonderful rug on her Gilmore Gem loom.  The warp was linen and sett at 4 epi.  The warp and sley technique are a bit unusual.  It is sleyed 1-2-1-2 in the reed, with two ends acting as one when two ends are in one dent.  This adds extra stability to the rug.  The weft is wool, doubled.

As you can see in the photos, the colors reverse on the two sides of the rug.


The next photo is a rag rug being woven by Jackie H.  She has an amazing flair for elegant rag rugs.  In this rug she is using old blue sheets and white stripes from a bath towel as the weft yarns.  Jackie uses 12/2 seine twine in her warp. Her loom is amazing too - a wonderful countermarch Toika that she has been weaving on for many years. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last But Not Least

The last two Not 2 Square members who entered items in the Fair are Mardi and Ingrid. They needed their own post because they were both pretty prolific this year.  

Mardi entered a wide variety of items: handspun skeins; woven basket; felted vessel; and some woven pieces.  

Mardi's Felted Vessel

Mardi's Nevada County Inspired Table Runner

Mardi's Scarf with Dyed Warp

Mardi's Scarf
Mardi's Potato Basket

Mardi's Handspun Skein

Mardi's Handspun Skein 2

Ingrid had woven entries and a felted vessel.

Ingrid's Baby Blanket

Ingrid's Felted Vessel

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Merino/Alpaca Shawl

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Towel 2
Ingrid's Table Runner

Ingrid's Mountain Colors Shawl

Ingrid's Nevada County Inspired Yuba River Scarf
That's it for this year's entries.    

More County Fair Entries

Here are the entries from three more of the Not 2 Square Weavers:  Betsy, Eileen and Wendy-Marie.

Betsy entered some unusual items into the Fair this year - a wall hanging and a sea creature (possibly a jelly fish or an octopus).  She also entered a scarf and a shawl.

Betsy's Sea Creature

Betsy's Scarf

Betsy's Shawl

Betsy's Wall Hanging

Betsy's Table Runner

Eileen entered a shawl, a woven bag, and two scarves, one in the Nevada County Inspired Division.

Eileen's Woven Bag

Eileen's Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Eileen's Scarf

Eileen's Shawl

Wendy-Marie entered two collaborative projects: one with Beryl and Igor to create aBest in Division Shawl and another with SueR to make a book cover.  She also submitted two scarves - one into the Nevada County Inspired Division.

Wendy-Marie's Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Wendy-Marie's Blooming Leaf Chenille Scarf

Wendy-Marie & SueR's Book Cover

Wendy-Marie's Collaborative Spinner/Maker Shawl

There are a couple more Not 2 Squares entries to share in the next post.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nevada County Inspired Entries

There were nine entries this year in the Nevada County Inspired category in the Wool, Fiber & Textiles Division at the Fair.  Most were woven but there was a knitted shawl from hand spun and another 3-D piece with felting. The prize for the first place finisher in this category is sponsored by the Not 2 Squares and Banner Mountain Textiles.

Eileen's Lake Inspired scarf

Igor's Coffee Shop Inspired Scarf

Ingrid's Yuba River Inspired Scarf

Lindsey's Native Plant Inspired Shawl

Mardi's County Fair Marigold Inspired Runner

Fire Inspired 3-D Piece

Rain Inspired Towel

Sue's Wildflower Inspired Felted Purse

Wendy-Marie's Snake Inspired Scarf

More County Fair Entries

There are more beautiful entries to see.

SueH wove the fabric for this coat and knitted the bias trim.  Jill, the daughter of our late member, Dee Jones, did the tailoring.   The fabric for the coat won a first prize for yardage at the Nevada County Fair in 2011.

Beryl has been busy using her 40-shaft loom.  (I am so jealous!)  She wove a towel and table runner on this loom.  She used the techniques in the Echo and Iris book by Marian Stubenitsky.

She also entered a shabori shawl. The weave structure is plain weave, 6/2 bamboo. After the pulling threads were gathered, the piece was painted three different times to get varying layers of color.

Beryl's Shabori Shawl

Another of Beryl's shabori pieces was a scarf.  This scarf incorporated a polyester weft.  She steam finished it so that the pleats would be permanent.  

Beryl's Shabori Scarf

Beryl's last piece is a scarf woven using her handspun cotton yarn.  Beryl incorporated some Brooks Bouquet embellishments at the ends.  

Beryl's Handspun Cotton Scarf

Igor entered the Nevada County Inspired category with a coffee shop inspired scarf.  We have many coffee shops in the area and this bead leno piece, woven on 4 shafts is a nice representation.  The straws for the bead leno technique were acquired from local cafes and coffee was inspiration for the mocha colored yarn.

Igor's Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Igor also entered a 3-shaft scarf.  With only 3 shafts, the colors of the yarns bring the interest to the piece.

Last but certainly not least is Igor's first place shawl and Best of Weaving Division shawl.  This lovely Japanese inspired piece is truly a winner.  For more details, check out Banner Mountain Textile's blog:

Igor's Shawl

There are more entries to show off, so stay tuned.