Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Reflections on my Plainweave Boucle Towels by Mardi Naythons

The inspiration for these towels came from an item in Jane Stafford’s studio, using similar colors.  From there, I decided to work on gradation, using Fibonacci sequences and division of space. 

The warp was made up of Boucle cotton and 5/2 cotton, which I wound together so that most of the time the boucle threads weren’t adjacent.  I also tried to use gradation in changing colors.

As I wove, I changed the weft colors as I went.  I had a basic plan, but I let the colors be my muse.  There were a few surprises along the way, for example, I had never considered using white in the weft, but it worked well.  Also, at the end of the warp, I decided to just use straight orange rather than putting in stripes.  It turned out that there was enough to make a towel, though it was slightly shorter than the others and I really liked it.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Last of the County Fair Entries

Diana and Ingrid are the two remaining Not 2 Square members with Fair entries this year.  

Diana entered six pieces:  Three towels, a table runner, a blanket and a wall hanging using Theo Moorman technique for the Nevada County Inspired category.

Diana's Towel

Diana's Blanket

Diana's Wall Hanging
Diana's Table Runner
Diana's Towel
Diana's Towel


Ingrid entered eight items:  Two scarves, two shawls, two towels, a scarf made using a friend's handspun yarn as the weft and a scarf for the Nevada County Inspired category.

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Towel

Ingri'd Scarf

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Shawl

Ingrid's Shawl

Ingrid's scarf made with hand-spun weft
Ingrid's Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Congratulations to all of our members who entered - ribbons are not, they are all winners.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

More from the County Fair

Jeanne, Eileen and Betsy are our next three entrants to be showcased here.  Jeanne entered two scarves.  One was made starting with a painted warp.  The second used Theo Moorman techniques she learned in a workshop this spring.  

Jeanne's Painted Warp Scarf

Jeanne's Theo Moorman Scarf



Eileen had an indigo-ikat dyed warp that she used for her Nevada County Inspiration entry.  She also entered another shawl, a scarf and yardage this year.

Eileen's Nevada County Inspiration Shawl

Eileen's Scarf

Eileen's Shawl

Eileen's yardage

Betsy entered two rugs a towel and an interesting wall hanging using wheat as weft material.  The wall hanging was also inspired by the Theo Moorman technique.

Betsy's Rug

Betsy's Rug

Betsy's Towel

Betsy's Wheat Wall Hanging


There are few more people we will show off in the next post.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

County Fair Part 2

The next two members' entries we would like to highlight are from Mardi and Marcy.

Mardi entered a baby blanket, napkins, table runner, a shawl, two towels and a caplet knit using hand-spun yarn.

Mardi Baby blanket

Mardi Caplet knitted with hand-spun

Mardi Napkins
Mardi Table runner

Mardi Shawl

Mardi Towel
Mardi Towel

Marcy also entered two items: a scarf and a towel.

Marcy Scarf

Marcy's towel

There will be more members entries later. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

If it's August, it Must be Time for the County Fair

The second week in August is a busy time here in Nevada County.  The local fiber guild is responsible for setting up and managing the woven, spun, felted and handspun made entries.  Members of Not 2 Square did their part and entered their fiber exhibits.  Wendy-Marie entered two scarves and a shawl.  

The top scarf was woven and then enhanced with fabric paint and a stencil to create the leaf pattern.

Wendy-Marie's shawl was designed using a musical score and assigning colors and widths of stripes based on the music.

Sue V entered a number of items.  There were two sets of napkins (top pictures) and two towels (bottom pictures).

Her Nevada County Inspiration piece was designed with local river salmon in mind.

Sue also wove a scarf using the "snake skin" pattern featured in Handwoven magazine.  

This is just the beginning of the entries.  More to come in later posts.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Design Process Story

Mardi showed some beautiful scarves at the last meeting.  She shares her process in the narrative below.
The Process:

First I wanted to make a scarf using some knitting yarn left from an abandoned knitting project and used Cascade Sock yarn as the weft. The draft was something that I put together by taking some of the twill threading I liked from another project.  Unfortunately, the weft yarn ran out before planned and the scarf is a little shorter than planned, but still acceptable.  I decided to experiment with the remaining warp.

#1 - I used some homespun singles from some gray CVM that I had spun.  It compressed the twill but it was a little scratchy. (Igor liked that one.)
#2 - I used some alpaca knitting yarn that I had around, similar color but it had a larger grist.  It was very satisfactory in terms of softness.
#3 - I wanted to see what would happen if I used a color in the weft.  I didn't have anything that matched the magenta in the warp, but I had some wine colored yarn sitting on a bobbin and decided to use it.  The result was softer than the other 2 samples and I liked the color the best.  I might add that I never liked the warp yarn very much, so almost anything improved it.