Sunday, December 21, 2014

Towel Exchange

We had a tea towel exchange at the December meeting.  Members that wanted to participate brought a selection of their handwoven towels and  came home with the same number from friend's looms.  It's a wonderful way to remember good weaving friends when you use their towels, year after year.

This year it seemed that lots of people had twill blocks in mind but you can see that there was a great variety in the twill block interpretation.    Hard to choose when it came time for picking!

Dee's twill blocks in shades of green purple and coral

Ingrid's color and texture towels on the left  - and Beryl's twill blocks on the right

Jackie's twill block towels

Betsy sold most of her towels at craft sales, but brought  this violet/blue and coral towel
Mardi had a variety - waffle weave, color gamps
and a sweet baby blue towel
Margie did borders on most of her towels.  The wefts were a variety of cottons and cotton/linen.

Marcy's plaids and stripes

Wendy-Marie's elaborate twill block towels

Handwoven towels.  What a wonderful way to start the holidays.