Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Braided Twill Draft

Gus brought a draft to the meeting today and wanted to know what the weave structure was. There wasn't a draw down with the draft, so it wasn't immediately obvious that it was a braided twill using an advancing treadling sequence. I brought the details for the tie up home and put it in my WeavePoint program and then played around with the draft a bit. Here is the original tie up with a straight threading and straight treadling. The braided effect is obvious in the drawdown when it is pictured this way.

The draft that Gus wants to use has an advancing treadling sequence of three and here is the drawdown for that draft. Unfortunately, this version contains a seven thread float in the warp. Can you see it? However, it is a really appealing pattern.

My solution to shorten the length of the float was an advance of four, but this still has a six thread float in the warp.

So I played with the threading and the treadling and came up with a five thread float - but a distinctly different look. Also the tie-up has been altered a bit to reduce float lengths.

Does anyone have ideas about using the braided twill tie up with other threading and treadling options?  Let me know and I'll publish them here.

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