Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stunning chenille scarves and another simple draft

 Jackie showed our group a couple of chenille scarves she wove for a charitible auction.  These are sett at 20 epi.  Notice how she outlines the basketweave and twill with black lines giving the structures more emphasis. The top scarf was woven with an off white chenille weft and the bottom scarf was woven with black or charcoal chenille.

The draft used on both of these scarves is on our draft page at the bottom.  This is a very versatile draft - you can use it as Jackie has done with outlines around the various structures, or use different colored stripes.

 Jackie amazed all of us with the scarf on the right.  She thinks that the structure is M's and W's.  Click on this photo to bring up the original size so that you can see the detail.  This is woven with ring spun rayon - black and off white and the drape is amazing.  If you have Carol Strickler's A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, this is pattern 328-4

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Draft - Exciting Scarves

Take a close look at the details in the scarf with the supplementary warps.  One of the bumpy threads is a ribbon and the other right next to it looks like beads.  Dee Jones has been doing a series of scarves using supplementary warps with fancy yarns.  The draft can be found in Handwoven's Design Collection #15 "Sensational Scaves"  and is called "The Color Purple" . Dee moves the various elements of the draft around to vary the scarves. 

 In this scarf, you can see the slubby warp threads giving a nice little ikat effect.  Lots of supplemental warps in a variety of yarns.
 To the right is a rather narrow scarf.  Very delicate in color.  See the detail of the 2-2 twill stripe next to the supplemental warp stripes?  Since Dee warps one scarf at a time, the supplemental warps don't need separate weighting. If you were to weave several on one warp, you might have to add weights to them to keep the tension correct.
Another close up of one of Dee's scarves.  Where will it all end - we wonder? 

 Click here for the draft to weave your own.  (It is the last draft on the page).

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nevada County Fair

Not all of the Not 2 Square weavers put their handwovens in the fair - but many do. Thought everyone would love to see a glimpse of what was there and some of the nice awards people won.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nevada County Inspiration Challenge

The Fair has come and is almost gone.  Eleven items were entered in the Nevada County Inspiration Division - most from members of the Not 2 Square group.  It was interesting to see how the entrants got their inspiration. 

Most people found a picture that captured some aspect of the County - usually a specific scene.  Others were inspired to use local plants to add color to their finished pieces. It was very impressive.  I hope that there will be more entries next year.

Here are the entries from our group.

Beryl's Shawl
The photos don't do justice to these pieces, but you can get an idea of how great they look.
Marcy's Towel

Gus' Towel
Dee's Scarves

Igor's Towel

Sharon's Towel

Ingrid's Towel

Thursday, August 09, 2012

His and Her Weaving

Beryl and Igor hosted the August meeting of the Not 2 Squares a their home.  We met in the well-lit center of their house surrounded by their weaving equipment and projects.  They each have their own loom/work area on the main level.  There is a lot of light in this area - and a great view.

Igor's Loom
Beryl's loom warped with a shawl
Work/planning table

The couple are both accomplished inkle loom weavers. 
 On another level, Beryl has her AVL loom.  This is a dobby/computer controlled loom with 24 shafts.  This is where Beryl create many of her lovely and unique shawls and yardage. 
 This is also the stash room.  It looks like it would be a good place to shop for yarn...  Hmmmm

A Day at the Craft Fair

This past weekend, Beryl and Ingrid shared a both at the Nevada City Craft Fair. It was held in an old Foundry - hence the stone walls. There was a fair amount of natural light and the booth had it's own mirror.

The booth with the built-in mirror

There were about 40 different vendors, many with retro clothing.  There were crystals, jewelry, pottery and other interesting things too.

Beryl spinning on a drop spindle
The vendor next door sold children's clothing.  Ingrid's baby blankets made a nice back-drop.

A look at Beryl's shawls and scarves.