Favorite Weaving Drafts

4 shaft bumberet
see post here about a shawl woven in this texture

4 shaft ducape

4 shaft halvdrall
see post here

4 shaft 2/2 twill
see scarf picture here

8 shaft two block twill
Dee's favorite draft see post here

8 shaft braided twill
see Diana's scarf here

8 shaft 1/1/1/1/2/2 twill
This is the draft that Ingrid uses on her towels
turned taquete
see photo here of cloth

Sue Robertson's draft for Calcutta towel
see the story here

Dee's supplemental warp scarf draft
see scarves and post here
Jackie's plain weave, basket and twill for chenille scarves
see blog post here


Ingrid said...

This new area for drafts will be very helpful. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these!

Cris F said...

How to read a draft? so I can read them? :-)

Sharon said...

You know would be really helpful for me would be to include the post under the draft that the weaving appeared in.