Monday, March 05, 2012

Fabric Analysis of a Handwoven Towel

As a child, Sue spent several years in India.  While she was there, the family bought some handwoven towels (made in Calcutta).  Each one was a different color and they used them for beach towels.  Sue still has her towel, and despite a little wear and tear, it is still functional.  She set out to analyze the weave structure so that she could recreate something similar on her four shaft loom.  The towel has pile, so she isn't going to attempt that on the first trial but says maybe that will come later.

Here is Sue's thread by thread analysis.

It will be great to see how she does with the re-creation and I'll be sure to add it on to this post when it is completed.

April 17 Addition to the towel story.  Here is the first sampling that Sue has woven from her analysis of the towel from Calcutta.

I think that this is an accurate draft for the towel.  I have interpreted it in two blocks and separated the blocks with color changes.

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