More Drafts from Not 2 Square Weavers

These three drafts are from Jackie Hervey.  The first is a four shaft version of her towels without the decorative floats.  The next two are 10 shafts and both designs can be woven on the same threading, but  using different tie ups.  See blog post "Bridal Shower Towels"

Draft for weaving two napkins at once.  See blog post Pictorial Tutorial - Weaving Placemats and Napkins on the same Warp.  Note that you will be using two shuttles and passing one shuttle back and forth (with green thread in our example draft) for the top layer and then back and forth with the other shuttle (blue thread) for the bottom layer. 

Here is a nifty little draft for four shafts that gives you lots of complexity in your finished piece.
It was found originally on and is draft # 54234.  Whoever did the color work on the draft work on the site, showed the draft with an interesting color and weave effect.  When I used the draft, I  separated the different threadings into color stripes and where it shows two threads, I put in thicker supplemental warp threads and weighted them separately off the back beam.  The treadling is straight and if you only use one color, the whole thing is quick to weave.  This is one repeat of the threading, however you wouldn't want to end one selvedge with the two supplemental wefts.  I think I would end with thread 33 so that the blue stripe would be on both selvedges.

Following is the draft Igor used in his weaver's poker hand  The original draft is in Weaving on 3 Shafts by Erica de Ruiter.  The book may still be available directly from her (google search her name).

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