Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bridal Shower Towels

Jackie Hervey brought towels to the meeting on Tuesday.  They are gifts for a bridal shower and Jackie set out to match the couple's new blue dinnerware. She designed this draft herself and combined two features, the huck blocks and float squares. When you see the towels from a distance, those bright solid float colors are prominent.  These towels are woven with a darker blue weft than is in the warp so that the huck looks embossed.

This towel was woven without the colored floats - same threading, different treadling sequence.
And this towel has the same light blue weft as is in the warp.
The towels are woven from 8/2 cotton, are sett at 20 epi. and measured almost 20" in the reed.  Would you like to weave your own?  Jackie reduced her design to a four shaft draft which you can see here.  The original towels are on 10 shafts to get that special float square between the huck blocks.  If you have 10 shafts, the drafts are on the same page.  Also, it was pointed out at the Not 2 Square meeting, that you could use pick up to do the float squares if you don't have 10 shafts on your loom.

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