Monday, August 26, 2013

Entries from the Fair

Several of our members entered woven items and handspun in the County Fair this year.  I realized I forgot to photograph the hand spun but here are the woven entries.  

Several items woven by Betsy, including two table runners, a rug, shawl and scarf.

 Dee submitted various items including yardage, a scarf, a jacket sewn by her daughter using Dee's woven yardage and a shawl.  One of her scarves won the "People's Choice" Award.

Diana's entries included a scarf and two towels.

Ingrid submitted a scarf and two towels.

Marcy entered a huck placemat and dresser scarf.

 Sue H exhibited her tablecloth and fiesta placemats.

Sue R entered an inkle band, small towel, small basket and a vest. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inspired by Our County

In the "Wool" Division at the County Fair, there is a section for handwoven or knitted / crocheted, etc. with handspun yarn items that were inspired by the County.  The exhibitor may look at native plants, scenic features, like the local river or other geological features.  In the past, native plant dyes were used to color yarn used in a woven piece. 

Diana's Table Runner
Three members of Not 2 Square submitted woven pieces inspired by plants and nature features of our beautiful County.

Diana's Table Runner was inspired by the Madrone tree.

Dee's scarf got it's look from local colors.

Ingrid's scarf attempted to bring to mind the Manzanita.

Dee's Scarf
Ingrid's Scarf

This has been a fun challenge to inspire us to create interesting items that showcase our County's beauty.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pictoral Tutorial - Weaving placemats and napkins on the same warp

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that Sue Habegger used to sell placemats and matching napkins using a technique in which the placemats are on a dense warp of 30epi and the napkins are woven on the same warp at 15epi by using half the warp threads for the upper layer and half for the lower layer. 
Here is the process in pictures and the weaving draft is here. (4th draft from top)

Cones of cotton yarn for warp
Warp being wound on warping reel
Warp set up on loom - sleying the reed
Keeping the warp under control

Heddle threading half way done

Warp beam down for access to heddles
Warp wound on the warp beam
Tying warp to front beam
Placemat weaving begins
Layers separated for napkins (note one shuttle for each layer)
Close up of the two layers for napkins
Finished napkins and matching placemats.