Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Has Arrived

We had a full house at our first summer meeting.  It was good to see Dee back with us after several months of absence while she helped her husband get back on his feet after surgery.  She hasn't been idle (Dee never is).  She bought some Pasa Yarn sight unseen in a variety of soft colors.  Here are the towels she wove using a two block twill draft (her absolute favorite).  She used a different warp color as the weft for each of the towels, but they look amazingly alike unless you study them closely.  Take a look at the photo below.
Then she brought out a bag that was woven and featured in Handwoven many years ago.  Now it has been included in their new e-book Best of Handwoven: Baker's Dozen: 13 Handwoven Bags, so you can download the instructions and weave and sew one of your very own.
As always, Dee's linings are exciting and unexpected. Also, the bag has a zipper to secure the contents and magnetic snaps to keep the whole thing in shape.

More to come from Betsy, Igor and me.