Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weaving Wheels

 Wendy-Marie had a great idea for her Nevada County Inspired entry into this year's fair.  Wheels of many sorts and sizes.  Engine Wheels - Wagon Wheels - Pelton Wheels and Ferris Wheels. 

She also had the perfect draft - an 8 shaft combination of steep and point twills. Shown below are two variations.  This is an easy draft to make larger if you have more than 8 shafts on your loom. 

And, ta da, the finished scarf.  Wendy-Marie didn't get a prize for her scarf, but her idea was sure a prize winner and I bet it won't be the last time she weaves wheels!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Results

Diana is the next weaver to be highlighted. She has enough entries for her own post.  


Collaboration lap robe

Diana and a quilting friend, Lani, collaborated on a lovely quilted lap robe that was made up of woven squares sewn together with commercial fabric.  Diana wove nine different squares, inspired by an article in the January/February 2004 issue of Handwoven magazine.  These squares are all woven in Spot Bronson.  She used 10/2 cotton sett at 24 epi for the warp.  She used 3/2, 5/2 cotton and sewing thread for the weft.  This lap robe was created for the Holiday Cheer project for this coming December.  

Read more details at the blog post from last year:

Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Color Inspiration

Diana entered a scarf in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  The yarn was from the scarf challenge and were contributed by Dee.  (See blog post: )  The warp yarns were 8/2 green rayon, 4 ply variegated rayon, 5/2 light green cotton and ribbon also in greens.  The warp was sett as follows:  8/2 rayon – 18 epi; 4 ply rayon – 12 epi; 5/2 cotton & ribbon – 12 epi.  The warp was threaded in a straight draw on 4 shafts.

The weft yarns were the 8/2 green rayon alternating with a 10/2 pale green cotton for the majority of the scarf, woven in plain weave.  Diana used orange, white, fuchsia, blue and purple similar weight yarns for the accent areas of the weft. The accent weft patterns were mostly twills found in Anne Dixon’s book:  The Handweaver's Pattern Directory.

Diana wove a cotton table runner using an Echo pattern on 8-shafts.  

Table Runner


There were two additional scarves.  One using chenille as weft and the second woven with rayon.  

Scarf with Chenille

Rayon scarf


She entered a napkin woven with cotton with a nice decorative design.

There were also three towels - both tea towels and bath hand towels.

Tea Towel in Overshot


Cotton Bath Hand Towel

Detail of Hemstitching

Cotton Tea Towel Detail

Cotton Tea Towel

Congratulations to Diana for all of her well deserved awards this year!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Two Sues

Both our Sue's were winners at this year's County Fair.

Sue R entered 12 feet of yardage woven with a linen warp and a weft made from alternating a two ply cotton and linen yarn with a raw silk yarn.  The warp was sleyed and dented so that there were two threads alternating with one thread.  This combination of warp and weft variations give this plain weave piece some real interest.  The story behind this yardage is that Sue bought a Peacock Loom (a two-shaft countermarche) many years ago with this warp on the loom.  She has been working on it for several {well 10} years and when she ran out of the lavender cotton/linen weft, she cut it off.

This beautiful fabric not only won Sue R a first place in  the Yardage Class but won her Best of Division in the Weaving Division.  Congratulations Sue!!

Award Winner!

Details of the yardage

Sue R also was a collaborator and seamstress of one of three bags that were created with bands contributed by area weavers.  The idea of the project was the brainchild of Wendy-Marie, who sewed one of the bags as well as coordinated the effort.  Sue R's bag used contributions from Beryl and Dee of the Not 2 Squares and two other weavers.   A creative use of these bands.

Sue H entered curtains in this year's Fair.  These curtains were made with existing yardage she wove several years ago and a woven cotton trim fabric - used to create the loops for the rod - with a pico edge.  These turned out nicely - a great use of mostly existing material.  Congratulations Sue H on your first place ribbon!

Sue H's Curtains

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Results Are In

The Nevada County Fair is winding down tonight and many of our Not 2 Squares entered items in the "Wool Division" and came away with ribbons.  Everything looked great - formal winner or not.  Over the next several posts, we'll share these pieces with you. 

Our Friend Dee was a weaver to the end.  She asked that the last scarf she wove be put into the Fair, in the Recycle Fiber Class of the Woven items.  

This fun scarf was woven with strips of cloth from an old dress.  Lovely colors!  And it earned a first place in the class.

The group setting up the room created a loving tribute to Dee.  They displayed some of her jackets, scarves and shawls.  There was also a pictorial remembrance of this wonderful lady.

Beryl  submitted two scarves in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  These two scarves were the result of the colors found in our beautiful area.  The first scarf won 1st place and best of Division in this category.  It is a beautiful, shimmering piece with a unique design.  The colors were inspired by the Yuba River.

The second scarf had colors drawn from the flowers of the Big Leaf Maple tree.  This lovely scarf was the 2nd place winner in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  It is made of various silk yarns and a variegated ribbon from Dee.  It is a combination of 2-2 twill and broken twill woven on 4 shafts with the ribbon as supplementary warp.  The draft is at the bottom of this page.

draft for this scarf is here at the bottom of the page

Congratulations to these winners.  More will be posted soon.