Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Two Sues

Both our Sue's were winners at this year's County Fair.

Sue R entered 12 feet of yardage woven with a linen warp and a weft made from alternating a two ply cotton and linen yarn with a raw silk yarn.  The warp was sleyed and dented so that there were two threads alternating with one thread.  This combination of warp and weft variations give this plain weave piece some real interest.  The story behind this yardage is that Sue bought a Peacock Loom (a two-shaft countermarche) many years ago with this warp on the loom.  She has been working on it for several {well 10} years and when she ran out of the lavender cotton/linen weft, she cut it off.

This beautiful fabric not only won Sue R a first place in  the Yardage Class but won her Best of Division in the Weaving Division.  Congratulations Sue!!

Award Winner!

Details of the yardage

Sue R also was a collaborator and seamstress of one of three bags that were created with bands contributed by area weavers.  The idea of the project was the brainchild of Wendy-Marie, who sewed one of the bags as well as coordinated the effort.  Sue R's bag used contributions from Beryl and Dee of the Not 2 Squares and two other weavers.   A creative use of these bands.

Sue H entered curtains in this year's Fair.  These curtains were made with existing yardage she wove several years ago and a woven cotton trim fabric - used to create the loops for the rod - with a pico edge.  These turned out nicely - a great use of mostly existing material.  Congratulations Sue H on your first place ribbon!

Sue H's Curtains

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