Saturday, June 04, 2016

Igor's hand - it was all black and white!


Thanks to Erica de Ruiter for the inspiration in her book,  Weaving on 3 Shafts.  This allowed me to create something from a very favorable poker hand.

The cards I drew were as follows:  Cotton, 3 shaft structure, black and white, checkerboard, combine colors by winding on a bobbin for weft.  I was allowed to drop one card so instead of two colors on one bobbin,  I used alternating shuttles of black and white.

Both the black and the white were used in the warp and the weft.  The yarns were labeled as 10/2 but the black was slightly finer than the white.  The white was sett at 30 epi and the black was sett at 32 epi in the warp.  I decided to make 1/2 the warp black dominant and the other 1/2  white dominant.  Black dominant was threaded and woven black, white, black - white, black, black - black, black, white.  Reverse the color sequence for the white dominant section.

Even though, I have access to a twenty-four and a forty shaft loom, I quite enjoyed the three shaft project.  Also I found changing the color sequence in the weft challenging to remember where I was. (I ended up using a stitch counter).

Weaving Poker is one of two challenging projects Not 2 Square Weavers participated in this year.  The second project was a brown bag exchange where someone else provides the yarn and you have to come up with a project.  Both of these are challenging and help you expand your weaving horizons. 
Thank you to Beryl for pointing me in the direction of the Erica de Ruiter book.
Igor Raven