Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Special gifts for grandchildren

The constellation of Orion in doubleweave pick up
Diana Abrell has some very special Christmas gifts for her three grandchildren this year. Since they all have names from nature, she decided to do a doubleweave pick-up pillow for each of them.  On one side, their name represented in pictoral form.  On the back, each of their names is spelled out.  Above is the first pillow she did for grandson, Orion. 

The grandaughter's names are Ivy and Iris.  Ivy was straightforward and easy, but Iris was a challenge.  Diana finally found some clip art and did a graph of an iris.   
The grandchildren are still young, but I'll bet these will be treasured items for the rest of their lives.
On the day I was taking pictures, I had a big mind lapse and forgot to photograph the names on the opposite sides of the pillows - but, trust me, they are there!
Iris' pillow

Ivy's pillow