Saturday, April 16, 2016

Eileen Plays Her Cards Correctly

Eileen is our next weaver to finish the Weaver's Poker Challenge.  She also chose to weave a scarf as part of the challenge.  

Eileen's poker cards were:  Red, Swedish lace, Novelty, Beads, Analogus Colors​.  She decided to discard the Analogus Colors card.  

The scarf is red, 8/2 spun rayon, the weave is allover Swedish lace, the fringe incorporates beads, and the novelty is two picks at each end of eros yarn. 

Eileen's Scarf

Novelty Yarn at Fringe

The one thing Eileen thought was a surprise was how using the novelty yarn in a small way, it added a lot to the scarf.  She says she will continue to do this in future projects.  ​

Nice project Eileen!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mardi Draws a Winning Hand

Mardi is the next Not 2 Square to finish her Weaver's Poker Challenge.  Here's her description of how she approached the project. 

"My challenge cards were Stripes, Warp-faced, Analogous Colors, Yellow and Overshot.

I decided to make a scarf because it was a small enough project to try out some of my ideas on.  The one card I chose to delete was Overshot.

I used a stripe generator and then edited it for the values that I thought would work in the design.

In a way, I cheated because I changed the warp-face to warp-dominant.  I did not want to make a plain weave scarf because I am working on finding a fabric that drapes well. The structure I chose was a 3/1 point twill. 

The yarn is 10/2 mercerized cotton.  The sett is 30 epi. The weaving length was 72 inches with a finished length of 64 inches plus fringe.  The width in the reed was 8 inches with a finished width of 7 inches.

Actually, the project satisfied the parameters but the fabric was still stiff.  If I did this again, I would change the sett to 24."  

The scarf is very nice.  The yellow color turned out nicely.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How Marcy Played Her Weaver's Poker Hand

Marcy chose to weave a scarf using her hand of Weaver's Poker.  She was dealt the following "cards":

Structure:  Spot Bronson
Color:  Blue
Yarn:  Thick & Thin (one yarn)
Design Element:  Incorporate a shape (e.g., square, circle, etc.)
Color Relationship:  Mix warp color by doubling thread in heddle, sley as one

She used a 3.5/1 periwinkle blue cotton flake for the weft which covered the color and the requirement for a thick and thin yarn.  The warp was 10/2 white cotton.  She created a design using Spot Bronson that included five diamond shapes across the 229 warp threads.  These were repeated nineteen times in the length of the scarf.  The warp color mixing card was discarded.

Marcy created the scarf design using Weaver's Craft Issue #23 pages 6&7 as a guide to understanding "Spot Bronson" also known as "Barleycorn".

The 10/2 cotton warp was sett at 24 eps using a 12 dent reed (two threads per dent).  The width in the loom was 8 3/4" and Marcy wove the scarf to 57.75".  The finished scarf was 8 1/2" x 46 1/2".

Here are some detailed pictures to show off the lace patterns.

Scarf front and reverse sides

This turned out to be a very nice scarf with a good hand.  Nice job Marcy!