Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How Marcy Played Her Weaver's Poker Hand

Marcy chose to weave a scarf using her hand of Weaver's Poker.  She was dealt the following "cards":

Structure:  Spot Bronson
Color:  Blue
Yarn:  Thick & Thin (one yarn)
Design Element:  Incorporate a shape (e.g., square, circle, etc.)
Color Relationship:  Mix warp color by doubling thread in heddle, sley as one

She used a 3.5/1 periwinkle blue cotton flake for the weft which covered the color and the requirement for a thick and thin yarn.  The warp was 10/2 white cotton.  She created a design using Spot Bronson that included five diamond shapes across the 229 warp threads.  These were repeated nineteen times in the length of the scarf.  The warp color mixing card was discarded.

Marcy created the scarf design using Weaver's Craft Issue #23 pages 6&7 as a guide to understanding "Spot Bronson" also known as "Barleycorn".

The 10/2 cotton warp was sett at 24 eps using a 12 dent reed (two threads per dent).  The width in the loom was 8 3/4" and Marcy wove the scarf to 57.75".  The finished scarf was 8 1/2" x 46 1/2".

Here are some detailed pictures to show off the lace patterns.

Scarf front and reverse sides

This turned out to be a very nice scarf with a good hand.  Nice job Marcy!


Fran said...

Lovely pattern and lovely scarf! I would love to make one; I cannot read the treadle tie-up, and barely the treadling.(Blury when enlarged). Where can I find the pattern, please? Thanks Fran

Ingrid said...


Sorry for the technical issues with the drawdown. I tried something else that might work and updated the post. Also I added the reference that Marcy used as inspiration. If this isn't better, let us and know and I will get our real expert to help. :-)

Fran said...

Thank you so much, Ingrid; very kind of you to do that. I can enlarge it now without it being blurry, although still small. I can copy it down and use it. I only have 4 shafts, and I am not fond of square blocks, so it seems a challenge to find pretty patterns I feel enthusiastic about. It seems this pattern is also very pretty on the back. I have saved some of the other drafts on this site, and I thank you for publishing them, as I am not too experienced yet. Cheers Fran (Calgary)