Saturday, April 16, 2016

Eileen Plays Her Cards Correctly

Eileen is our next weaver to finish the Weaver's Poker Challenge.  She also chose to weave a scarf as part of the challenge.  

Eileen's poker cards were:  Red, Swedish lace, Novelty, Beads, Analogus Colors​.  She decided to discard the Analogus Colors card.  

The scarf is red, 8/2 spun rayon, the weave is allover Swedish lace, the fringe incorporates beads, and the novelty is two picks at each end of eros yarn. 

Eileen's Scarf

Novelty Yarn at Fringe

The one thing Eileen thought was a surprise was how using the novelty yarn in a small way, it added a lot to the scarf.  She says she will continue to do this in future projects.  ​

Nice project Eileen!

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Fran said...

Nice job; sheer and elegant............