Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Results

Diana is the next weaver to be highlighted. She has enough entries for her own post.  


Collaboration lap robe

Diana and a quilting friend, Lani, collaborated on a lovely quilted lap robe that was made up of woven squares sewn together with commercial fabric.  Diana wove nine different squares, inspired by an article in the January/February 2004 issue of Handwoven magazine.  These squares are all woven in Spot Bronson.  She used 10/2 cotton sett at 24 epi for the warp.  She used 3/2, 5/2 cotton and sewing thread for the weft.  This lap robe was created for the Holiday Cheer project for this coming December.  

Read more details at the blog post from last year:

Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Color Inspiration

Diana entered a scarf in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  The yarn was from the scarf challenge and were contributed by Dee.  (See blog post: )  The warp yarns were 8/2 green rayon, 4 ply variegated rayon, 5/2 light green cotton and ribbon also in greens.  The warp was sett as follows:  8/2 rayon – 18 epi; 4 ply rayon – 12 epi; 5/2 cotton & ribbon – 12 epi.  The warp was threaded in a straight draw on 4 shafts.

The weft yarns were the 8/2 green rayon alternating with a 10/2 pale green cotton for the majority of the scarf, woven in plain weave.  Diana used orange, white, fuchsia, blue and purple similar weight yarns for the accent areas of the weft. The accent weft patterns were mostly twills found in Anne Dixon’s book:  The Handweaver's Pattern Directory.

Diana wove a cotton table runner using an Echo pattern on 8-shafts.  

Table Runner


There were two additional scarves.  One using chenille as weft and the second woven with rayon.  

Scarf with Chenille

Rayon scarf


She entered a napkin woven with cotton with a nice decorative design.

There were also three towels - both tea towels and bath hand towels.

Tea Towel in Overshot


Cotton Bath Hand Towel

Detail of Hemstitching

Cotton Tea Towel Detail

Cotton Tea Towel

Congratulations to Diana for all of her well deserved awards this year!

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