Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Results Are In

The Nevada County Fair is winding down tonight and many of our Not 2 Squares entered items in the "Wool Division" and came away with ribbons.  Everything looked great - formal winner or not.  Over the next several posts, we'll share these pieces with you. 

Our Friend Dee was a weaver to the end.  She asked that the last scarf she wove be put into the Fair, in the Recycle Fiber Class of the Woven items.  

This fun scarf was woven with strips of cloth from an old dress.  Lovely colors!  And it earned a first place in the class.

The group setting up the room created a loving tribute to Dee.  They displayed some of her jackets, scarves and shawls.  There was also a pictorial remembrance of this wonderful lady.

Beryl  submitted two scarves in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  These two scarves were the result of the colors found in our beautiful area.  The first scarf won 1st place and best of Division in this category.  It is a beautiful, shimmering piece with a unique design.  The colors were inspired by the Yuba River.

The second scarf had colors drawn from the flowers of the Big Leaf Maple tree.  This lovely scarf was the 2nd place winner in the Nevada County Inspiration Division.  It is made of various silk yarns and a variegated ribbon from Dee.  It is a combination of 2-2 twill and broken twill woven on 4 shafts with the ribbon as supplementary warp.  The draft is at the bottom of this page.

draft for this scarf is here at the bottom of the page

Congratulations to these winners.  More will be posted soon.

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