Friday, July 31, 2015

Scarves a' la Dee

The group continues to work on their scarves for the group challenge.  When she learned she was too ill to finish her challenge scarf, Dee asked Beryl to take the yarns she had chosen.

Dee Selecting Yarn
Dee's yarns

 The yarns in the bag were a green rayon (used in the warp and sett at 20 epi) and a wool/rayon blend used as weft. The supplementary warps were soy/silk space dyed and put in a separate dent and weighted separately off the back of the loom.  (Dee often used ribbon or other accent yarns to make a piece more snazzy.)  Beryl also used a pink nubby rayon and 16/2 cotton weft yarns from her stash.
Beryl wove three scarves with the yarn.
The first scarf is a turned twill - one of Dee's "Go To" structures.  The weft on this one is the wool/rayon from the challenge bag.

Scarf 1

Scarf 1 Detail

The second scarf was woven using the second treadling above with a pink rayon yarn from Beryl's stash.

Scarf 2

Scarf 2 detail

The third scarf is woven in plain weave with the 16/2 cotton.  

Scarf 3

Scarf 3 detail
I wish the photograph colors did better justice to these three lovely scarves.  I think Dee would be pleased with the results.

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