Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Draft - Exciting Scarves

Take a close look at the details in the scarf with the supplementary warps.  One of the bumpy threads is a ribbon and the other right next to it looks like beads.  Dee Jones has been doing a series of scarves using supplementary warps with fancy yarns.  The draft can be found in Handwoven's Design Collection #15 "Sensational Scaves"  and is called "The Color Purple" . Dee moves the various elements of the draft around to vary the scarves. 

 In this scarf, you can see the slubby warp threads giving a nice little ikat effect.  Lots of supplemental warps in a variety of yarns.
 To the right is a rather narrow scarf.  Very delicate in color.  See the detail of the 2-2 twill stripe next to the supplemental warp stripes?  Since Dee warps one scarf at a time, the supplemental warps don't need separate weighting. If you were to weave several on one warp, you might have to add weights to them to keep the tension correct.
Another close up of one of Dee's scarves.  Where will it all end - we wonder? 

 Click here for the draft to weave your own.  (It is the last draft on the page).

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Ingrid said...

Dee did a fantastic job of making lots of different looks from one pattern! I especially loved the white on white scarf.