Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ducape and Bumberet

Ducape Draft

Bumberet Draft

At the weave meeting today, I passed around some towels I wove using these drafts. I converted my drafts to 6 shafts, so that I could thread and treadle a straight draw, but here are the four shaft versions. The original drafts are found in The Weavers Draft Book and Clothiers Assistant by John Hargrove from 1792. This publication was the first weaving book printed in the U.S.

Bumberet is a nice ribbed fabric in which both sides are similar in appearance. Ducape has an all over irregular texture - both sides are different.

For more information see Handwoven #140 pages 54-56 and Weaver's # 14 pages 10-12.

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kathleen said...

Thanks for postng a draft. I have been weaving for about 6 yrs and this is the first I have heard of this weave structure.