Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snow Day continued

A few meetings ago, Jackie gave some handwoven yardage to Marcy.  Marcy made pillows that enhanced her living room decor and brought one as a present for Jackie.  The dark blue sofa at Ingrid's
home  overwhelms the subtle colors from the pillow and  I should have looked for a more neutral backdrop to take the picture.  But having seen Marcy's living room colors, the pillows will be very much at home there. 

Marcy's husband frequents estate sales looking for old books.  He found this throw at a sale and purchased it because it was so intriguing.  After examining it, we decided it is huck embroidery done on what may have been handwoven cloth. The structure of the underlying cloth is used in a manner similar to counted cross stitch to embroider a design. It is quite a large piece and must have taken a long time to embroider.

Sue H. brought some examples of her wall hangings and rugs.  This striking piece is called wedge weave and was woven in a tapestry technique done by Navajo weavers. One of the features of this kind of weave is a wavy edge. Sue has left the working threads loose on this piece. She told us that the weaving starts at one corner and then progresses from there. 

The photo below is part of a rug sampler piece Sue wove using techniques in Peter Collingwood's rug book.  What a good idea to do a practice piece before you tackle an entire rug.

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