Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Inspiration from Calendar Photos

Ingrid Knox has a big towel project in progress.  We were lucky enough to have the meeting at her home the other day so we could see what was on her loom and hear her plans.  She has a calendar with beautiful nature photos and plans to weave 12 different warps, all based on the colors from each of the 12 month's pictures.  She started out with December (see her blog for the color photo that inspired these towels)

Ingrid used an online random stripe generator to come up with the color sequence and a draft from A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler.  For this series of towels, Ingrid used a dornik twill (pg 50) that was originally submitted by Dee Jones.  Dee is a member of our group - small world, isn't it?  Here is the draft for January towels and a couple of treadling choices.

September's photo was next with lots of golds, browns and greens.  This series of towels was woven with a twill tie up and different treadlings for some of the towels.

Here is September's draft.

Before we left, some of us checked out the towel in progress on her Cranbrook loom.  This one is being woven with a light blue weft and look at how it influences the stripe colors.

All of these towels are woven with 10/2 cotton, sett at 24 epi.

Stay tuned for towels, scarves and more from the September meeting.

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Anonymous said...

All so beautiful! I'm headed over to her blog right now.