Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Checking Out Dee's Studio

The group met at Dee's house today. There were lots of woven items shown and some knitting and a pine needle basket. But maybe the best thing was getting to see how Dee arranged her work space and what she was working on.

In addition to being a fabulous weaver, knitter, quilter, seamstress and all around great gal, Dee's studio would make anyone jealous. Lots of books, yarn, fabric and ideas floating around.

She is currently working on a cat quilt - black and white cats on batik backgrounds. There will probably be some colorful fabric in the background as well.

Here's a weaving project in the planning stages. With inspiration from a towel (top right), she is pulling together yarns to weave a scarf. Can't wait to see how it will turn out. Makes me want to head to my studio to weave.

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Sharon said...

That was fun! I hope you'll show other studios in the future. I'd like more pictures, including one of Dee with infectious smile.