Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ingrid's Studio

The group met at my house last month and I've been remiss in posting pictures of my studio.  This is probably do the fact that it was a bit of a mess.  It's not a whole lot better, but much more presentable.  I have enough room for a couple of looms, plus a stationary bike and weigh machine.  Overall a great place to create.
My favorite loom - Cranbrook countermarch
I am lucky enough to have a dedicated studio in my home. 
AVL Studio loom
There are lots of windows and overhead lighting. 

10/2 cotton ready for current towel projects.  It's like a set of paints.

I share the space with my husband, Warren who is a watercolor painter.  I solved the perennial problem of where to put the warping board.  When I can, I use his easel. 

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Sharon said...

What a fantastic space - so bright and big! I agree though. It's great to have a dedicated studio space.