Friday, July 27, 2012

A Bunch of Warped Weavers

Beryl, Diana and Dee examining the montly show and tell
A gaggle of geese - an exaltation of larks - a covey of quail.  I wonder what a flock of weavers might be called?  A warp of weavers? 

Our group loves to weave and we love looking at what others in our group are weaving.   This is why the non-study group idea seems to work for us.  There are no assignments to weave a certain structure, although we usually pick a topic or challenge for the year.   Our challenges come within ourselves as we talk about weaving and discuss what works and doesn't work for us.  We bring our failures and our successes and talk about both.

At our last meeting we discussed the problems of weaving with chenille.  Is there a way to get it on the bobbin or pirn without twisting?  Selvedge problems.  Do you sley your selvedge threads more closely or loosely than your warp?  Does the end-feed shuttle help get good selvedges?  Are these yarns cottolin?  Look at what happened when I used the bright yellow on this warp!  And the question
always on our lips - what sett did you use?

All the time during the examining of show and tell textiles, each weaver is thinking about how they might interpret this draft or where they might take the color scheme.  Maybe I can use up that shrieking yellow in my stash if I tone it down with subdued warp colors.  I'm going to try  chenille again and this time I'm going to sett it a whole lot closer.  Using calendar pictures as a color scheme is a great idea - I think I'll try it for a future warp.  This simple structure makes a fantastic looking shawl - maybe I've give the simple approach a try.

The Not 2 Square weavers invite all of our readers to start or join a weaving group.  See where it takes you personally in your weaving.  And most of all, see  if it doesn't expand your weaving in new and exciting ways.

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