Friday, November 16, 2012

Diana's Studio

It amazes me how creative weavers are when it comes to finding places to weave.  Those of us who have a dedicated space are very fortunate.  I keep trying to remind myself of how lucky I am as I drag out yarn from bins or boxes stuffed in closets or under piles of other yarns. 

Diana's weaving space is neat and full of light. She has a large window to bring in light and enough room for her loom and other weaving equipment.

The piece on the loom is yardage that Diana is making for a collaboration with a friend.  They plan to make quilted lap robes for the Holiday Cheer project. 

Having a warping board at a good height is really essential for comfortable warp winding.  I love electric bobbin winders - they really make that job faster. 

Nice doubleweave wall hanging!

Plenty of storage for books and yarn.

This handy piece of equipment was made by Diana's husband to store unused heddles.  What a great idea to keep the metal heddles from being tangled or bent!

What a pleasant place to weave.

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