Sunday, February 03, 2013

Tying on a New Warp

Marcy found a neat four shaft draft in Weaver's Craft #17 for something the author called a mosaic twill.  She wove this in Christmas colors for gifts this past holiday season.  She liked the towels so much, she attempted something new for her.  She tied on a new warp to the existing one.

Everything went pretty well, but she ended up with some threads that didn't get into the mix from the old warp and had a couple of empty heddles.  She started weaving, but could see the line in her cloth where there was a missing part of the pattern.  Right about that time, we had a Not 2 Square meeting at her home and together we found the missing heddles and she added the missing threads into the warp.

We anticipated there might be a problem because these threads were sleyed more closely, but Marcy went ahead and wove off the rest of the warp because she didn't want to resley her reed.

She used a blue weft in the picture below.  See if you can find the more prominent white line where the threads are sleyed more closely?

Marcy's solution to the visible line was to use the same color weft as warp.  The resulting towels have a lovely texture because of the weave structure, but for the most part the sleying problem isn't visible unless you hold the towel to the light.

Many lessons in one warp!  These errors are practically invisible to a non-weaver, but if you are sitting behind the reed, nothing escapes your notice!  Bravo to Marcy in her quest to put something new in her "weaving skill bag".

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