Friday, June 07, 2013

Eye Candy for Weavers

Marcy Elliott's Huck Lace Towel
May's meeting has come and gone and since I have been busy with CNCH, I didn't get to the blog post to share May's wonderful woven treasures. Better late than never!

The photo above is one of Marcy's explorations into the world of huck lace.  Color and texture, you just can't beat this combination.  The towels are so open in weave structure, that I'm sure they will make excellent drying towels.

Dee Jones' Painted Warp Vest

I spent some time in early May, photographing some of the many garments that Dee Jones wove and sewed over the past 10 to 15 years.  This is one of my favorites (although there are many favorites).  I thought that the color is perfect for summer wearing.  This one is a painted warp, set off with buttons that echo the color of the woven cloth.
This is Sue Robertson's quilt selvedge cloth.  Sue is a quilter and has lots of quilting friends.  They were more than happy to give her the selvedges they cut from fabric for her weaving project.    She made a vest back with this yardage and wore it in the Fashion Parade at CNCH just a week ago.  Hopefully, we will get a photo of the finished vest for everyone to see.
And this is Sharon Campbell's handspun art yarn.  She was looking for suggestions on how to use it as part of a weaving project.  Lovely colors!

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