Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Kimono top and a special baby blanket

 Wendy-Marie has been yearning to weave and sew a kimono top.  She found a plan for the design in an older Handwoven (Nov. Dec 1991 page 42).    Wendy-Marie decided on brown and purple plain weave for the body of the kimono and then added stripes to her warp for the band decoration around neckline, down the front opening and along the bottom of the jacket.  By weaving the trim along with her garment fabric it matched the weight of her kimono -  ingenious!  She also used color stripes along the selvedge edges to guide her when she was sewing the kimono together.  The finished garment is pretty special and looks great on Wendy-Marie's small frame.

Margie made baby blankets that were about 5 years overdue.  (Baby has grown considerably).They are woven with a white cotton warp in plain weave.  The special touch was Henry's Attic Pigtail yarn, which when washed blooms into soft splendor.  Unfortunately, Henry's Attic tells us that this yarn is no longer available.  Margie has her stash, though and will be making more for future great grandchildren.  Henry's Attic suggests bonded cotton chenille for a similar effect.
blanket before washing
blanket after washing

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

What a huge difference between the pre-wash and the after-wash; it's gorgeous !~!