Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Blue Scarf

Igor is the next weaver to finish his scarf for the challenge.  Being the last to pick a bag of yarns, Igor found he was left with his own. 
The yarns used in the warp were one thread of variegated rayon, another thread of thick and thin rayon and one thread of turquoise bamboo.  They were sleyed at 20 epi.


Igor wound two threads (used as one) for the pattern weft.  These were slightly different grists and shades of blue.  The tie down thread was another rayon in lighter blue.

Below is the draft of this project.  Igor got the structure idea from Beryl who found a basketweave draft that had a plain weave tie down in finer threads (both warp and weft).  He then added two stripes of 2/2 twill  to the draft and threaded them on shafts 5-8.  There are six picks in a complete repeat.  Tie down, pattern pattern, tie down, pattern pattern - using four treadles.  It was hard to keep hands and feet coordinated - four treadles against three shots.
Here is his scarf on the loom.
The scarf turned out beautifully, with a nice hand.
The edge finish was brought up at a previous meeting by Mardi who used it on a rep weave sample.  It is called Cavandoli knotting.  The beaded fringe was more extensive than Igor normally does.  He used one small copper bead at the base of each twisted pair and one blue bead midway between the scarf and the end knot.
Finished Scarf Detail

Another beautiful scarf that is probably destined for a foster child this coming holiday season.  There is also another scarf on Igor's loom with this warp.  It will be interesting to compare it to this one.

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