Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weaver's Poker - How Wendy-Marie Used Her Cards

Wendy Marie wove a set of stunning purple towels for her challenge.  The cards she drew were as follows:  
--Color: Purple
--Color relation: Monochromatic contrast
--Pattern/Structure: Summer & Winter
--Yarn: Ribbon
--Design element: Border
Here's her description of the project: 
Sarah H. Jackson’s design for “Four Blocks on Four Shafts: Summer & Winter Towels” (Handwoven, May/June 2013) was the inspiration for this piece. Some unusual things about her design are:
1) Both the pattern and the tabby weft are the same grist. Normally, pattern yarn is slightly thicker in Summer & Winter.
2) The pattern and tabby colors change every inch or so, together with the treadling. The effect is a complex interaction of three colors (warp, pattern, tabby) as well as the interaction of the different blocks.
3) She {Sarah} manages to obtain 4 pattern blocks on 4 shafts, and still preserve the tabby ground.
It is a complex design, and at moments I felt like a pianist trying to play 3/4 time with my right hand and 4/4 time with my left – a real mind boggle.

Like Diana, I did not want to buy more yarn. I had a drawer full of various 10/2 purple cotton, but no 8/2 purples. So I reconfigured Jackson’s design, which calls for 8/2 cotton sett at 18 epi, into 10/2 cotton sett at 24 epi. To restore width lost by the denser sett, I added 12 ends to each of the six warp colors, and repeated each of the 4-thread units six times rather than five.
It was hard to predict how the colors would work together, so I just grouped the rosier purples on one side and the bluer purples on the other side. In retrospect, I wonder if the white warp would look better on an edge rather in the center, where it tends to bisect the towel. 
Purple Summer & Winter Towels
How was I going to add ribbon and border? At this point, I considered dropping those, and just showing up with a “three of a kind” poker hand. But eventually it dawned on me to use the ribbon as a loop to hang the towel on a drawer knob. The ribbon also provided a border. The loop added a little zing.
Towel Detail

Towel Detail

Towel Detail

Use of Ribbon
I’m glad the Weaver’s Poker challenged me to stretch beyond my usual thinking.


Beryl Moody said...

These are spectacular towels - and amazingly complex for four shafts. Wendy-Marie - this is a winning hand!

mija said...

the towels are very nice. What you can weave and 4 shafts!!!!