Friday, August 04, 2017

The Looms we Love - Part 2

 Here is Eileen's 8 shaft Macomber.  She bought the loom from someone who was downsizing and wanted a smaller loom.  Eileen loves how solid the loom is - good tension, easy to treadle and wide enough for big projects.  She keeps this loom pretty busy these days.

But like most weavers, Eileen has other looms as well.  Below is her Ashford table loom.  Perfect for weaving outdoors in the summer time.

Not shown, is Eileen's newest member of her loom family; an 8 shaft Schact Wolf Pup.  She can't wait to get started with a warp on it.

Ingrid's main loom is a big, 8 shaft Cranbrook countermarche loom and she weaves almost everything on it..  Because Ingrid is tall, she finds this particular loom very comfortable.

But one loom is never enough!  This is Ingrid's 24 shaft AVL Studio loom with a compudobby. 

..... and her cherry, Schact Baby Wolf.  Ingrid often weaves scarves on this loom and it goes with her to workshops.

More looms to come in our next post.  Our weavers love their tools!


IC Raven said...

Some very nice equipment.

Ingrid said...

I wish I had something on those looms for the pictures. The towels on the Cranbrook are threaded through the reed but not tied on yet. The AVL is still meditating on its next project. I have woven another scarf no the Baby Wolf, but It's empty again now. Thanks for sharing!