Saturday, September 02, 2017

More From the Fair

Marcy entered three items this year.  She wove a blanket in a huck design with a plain weave boarder.  The Dresser Scarf was one of two she wove this year. 

Marcy's Blanket

Marcy's Dresser Scarf

Marcy also entered  a towel.  It is a towel project called Twill Stripes Towel was in the Weaver's Craft Issue #17.   All three projects were woven with cotton yarn.

Diana took home the Best of Division in the Nevada County Inspired category with this dogwood inspired in lace table runner. The original draft came from Weavezine   

Diana's Dogwood Table Runner

She also entered two towels.  
Diana's Summer & Winter Towel
Diana's Polychrome Towel

Last year, Diana attended Madelyn van der Hoogt's weaving school on Whidbey Island. Diana brought back this Summer and Winter draft from the school. She says the pattern weft was suppose to be 5/2 cotton, but she only had 10/2 and so she used two threads of that in her shuttle. She had a bit of trouble squaring the pattern as she wove but our group reminded her that we are the "Not 2 Square" weavers and not to be too concerned. 

Diana's second towel was woven in polychrome crackle. She used nine different colors in warp and three rotating colors in weft. This is one of several towels she wove with the same warp.  

Diana's last entry is a cotton pot holder.

There are several more Not 2 Square members who enter things in the Fair.  More later.  

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Beryl Moody said...

I see circles and ovals in many of the handwoven textiles here. Such a wonderful display of weaving expertise.