Saturday, February 20, 2010

Having Fun with Color

Dee has a marvelous touch with color in her handwovens. This shawl was alive with color and since it didn't translate all that well in the photo, I will tell you that the colors are lilac, purple, magenta and sparks of bright spring green. The green really makes this shawl come alive.

Dee combined commercial and handspun yarns in purples and lilacs again in her warp yarns. Then, she added a bright red weft. The color interplay is marvelous.

Here is what happens to the same warp with different wefts. These two pieces of yardage are on the same warp but the left has a white weft. The white yarn suddenly becomes pink in appearance. One of the mysteries of color changes in woven fabric.

Still a couple more things to show from our meeting. The next post will be on items that weren't woven by our members, but are handwoven. Treats from around the world.

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