Monday, May 24, 2010

Blankets and shawls

In part two of our May meeting items were some lovely blankets woven by Ingrid.  Ingrid has a stash of cotton yarns and is turning them into wonderful, soft baby blankets.  The colors are yellows, blues and soft greens in wonderful plaids and stripes.  For more views see Ingrid's blog post.

Gus brought a wonderful shawl that she wove using some handspun mohair, fine silk thread and a rayon chenille weft.  The structure is an 8 shaft twill; one side looks a bit different from the other side and both are lovely.  The shawl is very luxurious and long (I believe Gus said the warp was 3.25 yards long).
The shawl is destined for Shawlsunlimited - but maybe not before it gets shown around a bit!

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