Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tops and Towels

Sometimes it's really amazing just how much mileage you can get out of a single threading and tie up.  At this month's meeting, Marcy brought towels she wove from Anne Dixon's book The Handweaver's Pattern Directory. The draft is Ms and Os on page 129.  This book is just full of fun stuff to weave on four shafts and I recommend it highly.  Marcy's towels were a delight and I'll bet she will use this draft again for future projects.

Sue finished up her fabric and top that was inspired by the Thiebaud painting, "Big Pond".  Check out the slide show in a previous post for an array of handwovens using this painting as a color and pattern inspiration.

In the detail, you can see that Sue sett some of her yarns more closely so that the stripes are more prominent.  She used a lovely soft spaced dyed chenille yarn for weft, alternating it with a finer cotton yarn so that the fabric is less dense than an all chenille weft would have made it.  The top features fringe detail at the neckline and is so luxurious and wearable.

See everyone again after next month's meeting!  Hopefully our rain and snow storms have ended and weather will no longer be a factor in where we meet!

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