Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nevada County Fair 2010 - Blue Ribbon Winners

The Not 2 Square Weavers did themselves proud at the Nevada County Fair.  Ingrid took lots of photos and tried to identify all of them so that I could give credit where it is due.  There were lots of blue ribbons and I'm not going to get all of them into one post, but I'll start with some of the big winners.

Dee Jones Best of Show vest.  Handwoven with a hand painted lining.  Just gorgeous, and obviously the judge thought so as well.

Ingrid's handwoven linen runner (canvas weave) won a blue ribbon in the bast fibers category.  Her mother cross stitched the Egyptian figures on the runner.  A stunning piece.

Betsy Abrams won a first place on her overshot wall hanging.  Glorious design work.

Sue Habegger won a blue ribbon for her colorful top. What fun this would be to wear. 
Gus got a first on this decorator pillow - deflected double weave face and plain weave back. 

Sue Robertson's first prize art skein.  Hand dyed soy silk and sewing thread.  I wouldn't mind having this skein in my stash!

Gus has another blue ribbon on the handwoven shawl in the foreground.  The weft is handspun mohair.

Many more pictures to come. 

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