Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fair Scarves

Diana Abrell wove a gorgeous scarf from a rather complicated turned taquete draft.  It was a blue ribbon winner and the judge was convinced that it was woven on a multishaft loom.  Actually, Diana wove it on her 8 shaft Mighty Wolf - and isn't it lovely!

Carol Phillips knit one scarf and wove another for a couple of interesting entries.  The knitted scarf is all handspun yarn - Golden Retriever/wool.  The other scarf is rayon chenille, however this is no ordinary chenille scarf.  It is double weave and Carol wove the fringe using two fishing line selvedges a few inches from the body of the scarf.  Very original and  interesting scarf.

Then there was the shawl/throw that Carol wove from the Golden Retriever/wool handspun yarns.  It is a lovely piece destined to be given to the owner of the Golden Retriever; a keepsake to remember a beloved pet.

And then there was Dee's scaf designed with "Big Pond" painting in mind seen here sporting a nice red ribbon!

Next post - towels and table runners!

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