Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ah, the luxury of handwovens for the home.

Betsy Abrams entered a couple of table runners in the fair this year.  The one below has a blue ribbon peeking out from under her entry card.  Congratulations, Betsy!  I haven't seen this particular piece, but it looks like Summer and Winter.  We will have to ask her at the next meeting.
This next table runner is also woven by Betsy and looks like overshot to me.  Hopefully if I am wrong, Betsy will fill me in on the details.
Then, there were towels - and some nice ones too.  Carol Phillips received a second prize for some natural colored cotton towels.  The cottons were from Sally Fox and  the colors in the picture are hard to pick out because they are subtle.  There are browns and greens in addition to the white cotton.
Ingrid received a third place ribbon for her towel, also woven with Sally Fox cottons.  Here you can see the different shades of brown. 

Very colorful and interesting entries from Marcy Elliott are pictured below.
And here is a lovely towel from Dee. I love how the structure hides the weave pattern in the dark areas and lets it pop in the white stripes.

 Sue Habegger's towel entry is an interesting plaid.

And, last but not least these great placemats woven by Gus Young that received a second place ribbon.

All in all, it looks like our group did themselves proud at our latest county fair.  I want to congratulate all the winners for their ribbons, but also for entering their items.  Making the public aware that handwoven is something special and beautiful may give us an edge in the marketplace when we are selling our wares this autumn and winter.

Look for several of us at the upcoming Alpaca Ranch Tour on September 25th and 26th.  We will be selling handwovens and handknits at the A Star Alpaca ranch listed on the tour guide.

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