Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lake Wildwood Sale

Five Not 2 Square Weavers purchased a double booth at the Lake Wildwood Craft Faire this past weekend.  The weather on set up night was very stormy, but we all sallied forth and put our booth together.  It was smaller than we purchased, but after a bit of adjustment here and there, the organizers let us move some of our stands out into a larger area.

Dee couldn't be at the event, but here is her rack of handwoven scarves.

These are some of Sue Habegger's chenille scarves and she also had a colorful rug that caught the public's attention.  Somehow, Sue managed to escape the eye of our cameras.  Darn, I was sure I snapped a picture of her during the event.

Here I am (Beryl) in front of my shawl and scarf rack.  To the left of me, you can see some of Gus' scarves and towels.

And this is Gus in front of our sales table.  The colorful socks are her hand dyed "Happy Socks" which proved to be big sellers at the event.    Knit caps - not so much in demand!

Ingrid poses in front of her baby blanket rack.  On the other side of the rack were her Christmas towels.

Here is Igor in front of my rack, and not his own handwovens.  He did sell a very nice scarf during the event, and then was a bit sorry he had parted with it.  He gets very attached to what he makes.

Sales this fall haven't been all that lucrative, and this one was no exception.  Maybe the weather has been a factor or maybe people are just holding on to their hard earned cash.  Igor and I will be selling at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Sale this coming weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed that it won't be snowing.  Maybe we will see you there.

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Sharon said...

I know what you mean about sales this fall. I do think people are hanging onto their money. I've been surprised at how interest in hats has fallen off. Maybe there's a new trend in hats and no trend at all!