Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter meeting at Ingrid's

December found many of us without a project to show for our monthly meeting - maybe because the weather has been pretty awful, but mostly because it seemed like a good time to do other things than weave.   But, there were some nice pieces and lots of conversation to keep the ball rolling anyway.  Gus brought her latest shawl which is featured at Shawlsunlimited.  She recently purchased weaving software  from PCW Fiberworks and was pleased when what she designed on the computer closely resembled the finished woven piece. 

Gus had been given a yarn store gift certificate and found some luxurious Merino/bamboo yarn which she combined with a bamboo ribbon, making an ever so soft and warm shawl.  Shawlsunlimited calls it Tahoe Forest.

Diana also used the same bamboo ribbon as one of the warp threads in her Christmas scarf.  She used a Swedish lace draft for texture, some very fine gold metallic thread and threads of red and green for the Christmas touch.

This scarf has a wonderful sparkle, mostly because of the Henry's Attic Sarafina yarn of rayon and cotton  which was used in the warp and weft.  The gold metallic yarn effect is very subtle.

Part two will be posted soon - pictures of Ingrid's draft in the planning stages and Jackie's most excellent rug for the kitchen.

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