Monday, January 10, 2011

December's Meeting Part II

Jackie has been devloping her skills in rug weaving and almost met her match with a design from Swedish Rag Rugs. The English version of the book is out of print - and what a shame, because it has some lovely  rugs and ideas in it.  I found a copy in Swedish called Trasor och Tekniker: 35 nya mattor

Back to Jackie's rug.  She tried this tied weave draft which the book calls "tied triple weave".

For each block (there were three in Jackie's rug) you thread every other thread on the shaft assigned for that block and alternate them with the tie down warps on shafts 1-2-3.  Notice that Jackie wove a three color sequence in this part of the draft.  She used a skeleton tie up and a countermarche loom, but I used  the jack loom tie up here.  I really want to try this draft out with lighter yarns to see how it looks and works in a more flexible textile.

 Jackie's rug is wider than she expected - but it is a real beauty. Notice the difference between the solid color front face and the less defined pattern on the back.  I like both equally well.   Jackie said that it was a very slow weave and she only accomplished several inches a day. 

Not being able to waste a bit of warp, Jackie wove off it off with this short piece of rug and made a case for the load levelers on her travel trailer. Isn't that a spiffy idea.

Ingrid has been working on ideas for more towels with rosepath borders.  She worked out this design on her computer - but not with weaving software.  She uses Excel! 

We have a member (Sharon) who doesn't get to come to meetings very often because she lives in Nevada State - not Nevada County!  But Sharon weaves a lot and recently completed a baby blanket with lots of color and great design.  She bought the yarn and pattern as a kit, but the skill in weaving is all hers.  Click here to see pictures and read all about it.  If you keep on reading the blog, you will also come to baby all wrapped up in the splendor of a handwoven blanket. 

At the January meeting, we will have a big Handwoven magazine give away.  Barbara has parted with her collection and some of us are filling in the holes in our personal hoard.  What a wonderful group we have.

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