Friday, January 28, 2011

The Luxury of Handwoven Wearable - Scarves and Shawls

The January meeting brought many of us out to share a bountiful supply of Handwoven magazines, donated by Barbara to the members of our group.  I think everyone went home with a few treasures.  But our members also had treasures for Show and Tell.  Above is Diana's braided twill scarf.  The draft for this scarf is #356 from A Weaver's Book of 8- Shaft Patterns.  If you are lucky enough to own a copy of this book, you will see the draft shows lifting 7 shafts on treadles one and two.  Diana wisely reversed her tie up and wove the weft faced fabric on the upper side.  The yarns used in the scarf were two rayons from Diana's stash and the sett is 20epi.

Betsy had a couple of shawls that she wove on a cotton warp.  The shawl shown above used Alpaca weft yarns for a lovely Southwestern look.  The shawl below used a variety of yarns from Betsy's stash, including a variegated yarn that makes an intriguing little pattern of its own.  Enlarge the photo to get a good look.

Dee broke out of her traditional color mode and wove a two block twill in dark wools.  The spark of color comes from the weft sock yarn in oranges and browns.  The warp is two colors - the first a very dark charcoal and the other dark green.  The difference in warp colors isn't obvious to the eye, but lends a depth to the shawl that probably wouldn't have been achieved with just one color.  You can find this wonderful shawl at Shawlsunlimited  (probably for a limited time only)

There will be more show and tell items in the next blog post.  Stay tuned with information about our group challenge for 2011 weaving.

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