Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This Year's Weaving Challenges

It's always fun to have some weaving challenges for the coming year.  Our group decided on two for this year.  Number one - weave something outside your comfort zone.  Number two - weave lap robes for seniors in need.  We have decided that 36" or 40" x 60" will work and we should have them done by late November for delivery during the holidays.

We don't have far to look in weaving something outside of our comfort zone.  In our group, everyone seems to have their individual talents and strong points - so we could just look to the weaving at show and tell to choose a new technique.  Here are photos of pillows woven by Jackie Hervey using the Theo Moorman technique.   It's a wonderful skill to have in your weaving bag of tricks and Jackie is very good at it.

Sue Habegger wants to use up some favorite yarns from her stash.  This is a sample using Navajo Churro wool yarns.  Unfortunately, her stash didn't contain enough yarn for yardage for a jacket, but through the marvel of the internet, she has found a supplier and will be able to buy more of a similar grist. 

As our meeting ended, Marcy Elliott brought out a quilt that was 45 years in the making.  She started it when she was pregnant with her daughter, 45 years ago.  She will present it to her daughter for her 45th birthday.  Some things just take time to mature!  The quilt was pieced by Marcy, but she found a local quilter who hand quilted it for her.

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Sharon said...

I'll tell my daughter about that quilt. I worked one all the time she was growing up, thinking it would be done in no time. She'd ask when I'd have it finished and my sarcastic reply was - before you graduate from high school. I almost didn't meet that deadline!