Friday, March 18, 2011

Handwoven towels make the best gifts!

March found us tucked inside and warm with the rain pouring down outside.  We had lots of people from our group that braved the rain and it was nice to see everyone after having skipped our February meeting.

Several weavers had been busy weaving towels.  (There is simply nothing better than a handwoven towel.) Marcy had a commission to weave towels for a friend who likes having them on hand to give as gifts.  She has a favorite draft of point twill and basketweave, and this time she wove her towels in a neutral color 10/2 cotton and colorful stripes for the twill.  The sett is 24 epi. The draft is in Weaver's Craft issue #17.

Diana also brought a selection of towels that she will be giving away as gifts as she travels this summer.  Waffle weave, plaids, stripes.  I love the textures and colors.

Diana also brought a place mat that she wove from natural colored tow linen.  The design is somewhat hard to see in the photo.  She said that before washing, the mats were really stiff.  After washing they have softened up a bit.  Now, she is looking for more linen.  I have promised to check my stash to see what I have that is similar to the yarn she used.

Gus found a block twill draft for the towels she recently wove.  She had a stack with different weft colors. Don't you love how the colors reverse on each side.

Much more to come in the next posts.


Sharon said...

I would sure love Marcy's draft in the "more to come." That's my speed. My word authentication is dalays - how appropriate!

Beryl Moody said...

Interestingly enough, the draft for twill and basketweave on four shafts is in the current Handwoven. See page 38!