Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of the Comfort Zone

One of the challenges our group set up for this year, was to weave something out of our comfort zone.  Marcy and Betsy both decided to weave with colors they normally don't use.

First up - Marcy's scarf was woven with blues and pinks in a variety of wools. 

Marcy was concerned that her scarf was a bit too scratchy to be worn next to the skin and the group decided that perhaps some of the yarns were rug wools or more suitable for outer garment weaving.  However, there were suggestions about using a fabric softner or a creme rinse for hair to soften the fibers. We all agreed that the scarf would be stunning over a winter coat and that the softness wouldn't matter at all in that case.

Betsy brought three new pieces - two long, slender shawls in teals and one in a brilliant orange (which was outside her comfort zone).  The orange shawl was fantastic with the teal  and purple yarns making a perfect contrast for the bright color.

Sue Habegger decided that there were potential garments in the two blue shawls, and did a trial draping using each shawl as half of a garment.

And, outside of my comfort zone is a warp faced piece of 600 ends and 8 inches wide, woven on Gilmore's "Big Wave" loom.  Read more about it here on my personal blog.

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